5 life changing tips no one will tell you about laying mulch

Laying mulch may seem like an easy task but it can be fairly difficult. Here are our best tips to help you easily and painlessly lay mulch.


The first thing you need to do is find a landscaping supplier that will deliver your mulch in bulk. There is nothing more tiring than buying bag after bag of mulch at the home improvement store. It is much easier to get a bulk load of mulch and spread it everywhere it needs to go at the same time.


The last thing you want is to get to the end of your project and realize you need more mulch! Make sure you always order more than you think you’re going to need. You can always use the extra mulch to fill in bare spots.


Make sure you have a sturdy wheelbarrow to easily move your mulch.


To save time and clean up, make sure you wear gardening gloves. It is much easier to spread mulch with your hands and the end result looks more even.


You’ll want to have a good pitchfork for helping scoop mulch into your wheelbarrow and to spread the mulch in your beds.

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DIY landscaping projects

Are you ready to transform your outdoor areas with a few simple tricks? Here are our top 10 DIY landscaping projects, to increase curb appeal and transform your outdoor spaces. Landscaping can be a scary task to take on when you have no experience or expertise in the area. Don’t worry, we are here to help! Here are our top 10 favorite DIY landscaping projects and everything you need to complete your project!


You can accomplish some amazing DIY landscape lighting using simple solar-powered lights. I used these in my front yard to instantly add curb appeal and spruce up my landscaping. Adding lanterns like these also create the perfect Landscape Lighting.

Solar powered dig in landscape lights


You can use this simple DIY landscape edging to define spaces and separate landscaping materials. I would also recommend getting extra stakes like the ones here. I used these additional stakes to secure my edging and create defined curves.



There are a ton of gorgeous and affordable outdoor planters. These are a few of our favorites. You can pair them with any plant, real or fake! Check out all our favorite outdoor planters here.


You can create a rock garden or make a rock bed to replace mulch and pine straw. I used white rock from Lowes but you can find it from any home improvement store. It is much easier than it looks. You can add some edging around the outside to create a finished look.


Trash bins are an eyesore and not the first thing you want people seeing when they drive by your home. Creating a hidden space for your trash bins can even be a requirement in many neighborhoods. Even if it isn’t required, it is an easy way to increase your curb appeal. I used this trash can enclosure to hide my trash and recycling bins from the street. You can also use it to cover unsightly AC units. You will need to make sure you have a level area next to your house to create a space that works for this enclosure and storing your trash bins.


I got these small concrete blocks from Lowe’s. They’re incredibly cheap and super easy to stack. This is a great way to make features around your plants and trees if your yard isn’t flat.


Laying mulch can seem like a scary task, but with the right tools it is actually fairly simple. I laid all my own mulch in a weekend. Here is what you need:


Gardening Gloves




You can find some beautiful and affordable outdoor gazebos at your local home improvement store, Lowes or Home Depot. We upgraded our gazebo top with a neutral gray cover like this one here.



Pick out some fun stones to create a DIY water feature. You can plant your favorite flowers and plants surrounding it, like the one below. Need help creating the water flow or a design? Reach out to us and we can help!


You can use any stones to create a lovely path from place to place on your property. Consider using larger stones from a landscape supply store for a more dramatic effect. You can also find stones at your local home improvement store. This gorgeous stone walkway was done by C&C Services. If you’re interested in larger stones or a professional installation, give us a call today.

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5 best outdoor planters

You can easily give your outdoor spaces a facelift by adding planters with (real or fake) plants! Check out these eye catching planters for an instant landscaping upgrade!

  • 24″ Tall Black Planter 2-pack – These tall black planters are super versatile. If you are looking for a classic, sophisticated eye-catcher then these planters are your go-to! They can be paired with almost any plant.

Looking for more ways to transform your outdoor areas? Follow our blog for everything landscaping and DIY!

Looking for a professional to turn all your landscaping dreams into a reality? Contact our expert landscape contractors at C&C Services today!

C&C Services is hiring!

C&C Services is searching for a highly motivated landscaping supervisor and general laborer to join our team!

Landscaping Supervisor – Aiken, SC

Landscaping Supervisor – Must possess a valid driver’s license and be willing to submit to a background check. The Landscaping Supervisor is responsible for direct oversight of a small crew. The supervisor surveys and reports to the Project Manager on quality issues and re-performance of work if needed. Must have a strong work ethic and leadership skills. Must have experience operating equipment. Room for growth within the company and bonuses based on performance. A brighter future is currently in your hands.

Skills we’re seeking:

• You should have a driver’s license and good record, strong leadership, and familiarity with the techniques and equipment used in landscaping.

• You also must be able to handle the physicality of our work: weather conditions, heavy lifting (30-80 pounds), and extensive walking.

• At least one year of experience in lawn care and landscaping a must; supervisory experience desired.

• 2 Years plus of landscape install experience

• 1 year (minimum) experience managing 2+ person crew

• Reliable transportation

• Experience running equipment (skid steer, excavator, backhoe, etc…)

• Quick learner

• Strong leadership skills

• Able to work well with others

• Able to work with: Brick pavers, Retaining walls, Concrete, Grading and clearing, Tree cutting and pruning, Fence and decks.

Pay is dependent on experience. Bonuses based on performance.

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